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Sifu Cosmo Zimik

 Head Instructor

Sifu Cosmo began studying Burmese Thaing Kung Fu when he was 4 years old.cosmo
He initially learned from his oldest brother, Aring, who was a Thaing practitioner. Later, he studied under Grandmaster Shimreigam Serou. Cosmo recently received his 6th degree black belt.
Cosmo has learned many different Martial Arts including: Indian Martial Arts|  Chinese Kung Fu | Qin Na (pressure points and joint locks)| Muay Thai and weapons
Some of the weapons include:  Swords | double swords | sticks |  long staff |khukhri, knife
and spears.
He has cross trained in other arts including:  Tae Kwon Do (3rd Degree Black Belt) | Shi Sei Kan Karate Do (Black Belt).
He has competed in Muay Thai, American Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Karate and Tae Kwon Do Tournaments all around the world.
He is also trained Law Enforcement and Military officers in India, Hong Kong, Nepal and USA.

Here is a brief description about his life:

Born into a tribal war with India, trained as a black belt and street fighter from the age of nine, tortured and left for dead at the age of seventeen, Cosmo Zimik has an intimate, working knowledge of violence. During his long weeks of recovery, nursed to health by a total stranger deep in the jungle, the seed of the Empty Hand Revolution germinated in Cosmo’s mind. Four years of underground fight clubs, multiple contracts on his life and another near death experience forced Cosmo’s Empty Hand Revolution into full fruition. In a world hungry for power and drunk on violence, what does it mean to be a true warrior?

                                                                                                   ~Read the rest of his story~~